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Phillip Durant | Vice President

Phillip is a senior member of the management and leasing team at Avila Commercial Properties, and has helped the company grow in Atlanta for 30 years. With a diverse background in liberal arts, risk management, law and communications, Phillip is solution oriented...focused on delivering high quality service and operations to tenants and property owners.

Always up for an engaging “philosophical” conversation, favorite personal interests include tennis, performing live music, enjoying travel with his wife...and of course their two dogs!!

Jake Rowland | Property Manager

Jake has been a part of the Avila family for over 7 years…and an Atlanta native for 25 years. He exemplifies the highest level of determination, integrity and dedication in all aspects of his personal and professional life.

With his broad experience in sales, management and athletics (Martial arts), Jake works hard to create and maintain the best business environment possible, without sacrificing the personal connection needed to truly care for our valued tenants and to assure that they will have a great experience and great service.

Tom Bruckner | Maintenance Supervisor

Tom has been a valued member of the commercial property maintenance team at the Glenridge 400 office park since 2004. He is highly dedicated to the wellbeing and comfort of our tenants...always ready to help...he shows this every day of the week.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana , Tom’s educational background is in chemical engineering. Among his colleagues, he is known as the “intellectual maintenance man”...never shy about sharing his opinions on everything from nutrition to politics, science and beyond.